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3rd to 6th July 2017 University of Sunderland

Reviewing Opportunities

If you are interested in reviewing for British HCI contact Tom Flint.
There are opportunities to participate in reviewing across all of the categories.

  • Full papers – 10 page anonymised papers making a distinct contribution to HCI
  • Short papers – 4 page anonymised papers providing insights about HCI
  • Notes & Position Papers: 2 page papers providing exciting, provocative HCI research and practice
  • Interactions Gallery: 2 page papers and technical requirements detailing artworks, installations, demonstrations, digital artefacts and experiences inspired by the conference theme of digital make believe
  • Workshops & Interactive Sessions: 2 page proposals outlining the session and what participants will experience
  • Student papers: 4 page papers on student-led HCI research and/or digital artefacts

Reviewing will be in March (full & short papers), April (2 page papers, interactions gallery, session proposals) and May (student papers).