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3rd to 6th July 2017 University of Sunderland

Student Paper Session

Wednesday 5th July 15.00-17.45 – Prospect 009

Chair: Raymond Bond

Time Talk
(5 min talk + 10 min questions)
15.00 10 Considerations when Developing Children’s Technology Casey Denner
15.15 The role of Assistive Technologies and Human Computer Interaction in Disabled Groups: What are we lacking? Ruchita Bhagat
15.30 Evaluating the social impact of youth digital culture co-creation: let’s participate and play. Alicja Pawluczuk, Gemma Webster, Colin Smith and Hazel Hall
15.45 Utilizing virtual reality to aid consumer decision-making across traditional, modern and emerging channels James Hennerley
16.00 Is digital storytelling an effective means of reducing social isolation for the elderly? Niall O’Hagan and Denise McEvoy
16.15 A Virtual Environment for Accessible Desktop Navigation Matthew Dickinson, Kathy Clawson and Graeme Horsman
16.30 Exploring Mental Time Travel for User Experience Evaluation Dan Sune S. Jensen
16.45 Investigating the feasibility of using gestures for audience feedback in live sports. Dominic King and Gavin Sim
17.00 Make What You Desire: An Interactive Blending of the Digital and the Analogue Denise Allan
17.15 Service Redesign: Bridging the Gap Between Service Provider and Its User: Case of Recycling Service Redesign in Edinburgh Fangzhou Dong
17.30 Task based segmentation in personalising e-government services Sohail Sarwar and Lynne Hall