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3rd to 6th July 2017 University of Sunderland

Tuesday 4th July

Postcode: SR6 0DD

Registration: from 8.30 onwards in the Prospect Building

Workshop 1 Reg Vardy 311
09.00-12.00 Marc Fabri and Paul Doney Dealing with Sensitive and Personal Issues in Participatory Design


Workshop 2 Reg Vardy 204
09.00-12.00 Nigel Bevan and Martin Maguire Defining the Content of a User Requirements Specification

11.00-11.30 – Coffee – Reg Vardy Central Atrium

11.00-12.00 Posters Reg Vardy Building: RV214, RV215, RV312
11.00-12.30 Interactions Gallery Prospect Building Upper Floor

12.00-12.30 – Lunch & Interactions Gallery – Prospect Building Upper Floor

12.30-14.00 – Conference Opening Session

Conference Opening Tuesday 4th July Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre
 12.30-14.00 Welcome Michael Young
Keynote Beryl Graham – Human Computer Interactions – Fused Futures

14.00-15.30 – Paper Session 1 – Chair: Phil Turner

Paper Session 1 14.00-15.30 Prospect 007
14.00 David Benyon and Andrea Resmini User Experience in Cross-channel Ecosystems
14.20 Pratitee Sinha, Arwa Alsubhi, Saroj Dash, Lijie Guo and Bart Knijnenburg Shopping for Clothes: From Meeting Individual Needs to Socializing
14.30 Jacques Chueke, George Buchanan, Stephanie Wilson and Luis Anunciação Self-Previewing Gestures and the Gesture-and-Effect Model: Experimentation with Responsive Visual Feedback for New and Unlearned Interactions
14.50 Guo Yu and Alan Blackwell Effects of Timing on Users’ Agency during Mixed-Initiative Interaction
15.10 Tom Flint Appropriating Affordances. Three Practice Based Explorations

14.00-15.30 – Panel – Chair: Timandra Harkness

Panel HCI in 3 months and 3 years  14.00-15.30 Prospect 009
 14.00 Chair: Timandra Harkness Panel Members: Steve Molesworth (Capita), Charlie Gardner (BBC)

15.30-16.00 – Coffee & Posters – Reg Vardy Central Atrium

16.00-16.45 Keynote: Timandra Harkness – Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre

16.45-18.00 – Paper Session 2


Paper Session 2

Tuesday 4th July 16.45-18.00 Prospect 007
16.45 Florian Güldenpfennig Making a Customized DIY-Computer with Infobricks


17.05 Louisa Wong and Carly Lam Enhancement of reading ability using self- controlled gaze interface in a digital medium for children with neuro-oculomotor challenges

17.15 Callum Egan, David Benyon and Richard Thompson Permaculture as a foundation for sustainable interaction design
17.25 Pradipta Biswas Improving Eye Gaze Controlled Car Dash-board using Simulated Annealing
17.45 Aku Visuri, Niels van Berkel, Chu Luo, Jorge Goncalves, Denzil Ferreira and Kostakos Vassilis Challenges of Quantified-­Self: Encouraging Self-­ Reported Data Logging During Recurrent Smartphone Usage

16.45-17.45 – Paper Session 3


Paper Session 3

Tuesday 4th July 16.45-17.45 Prospect 009
16.45 Yasser Mustafa, Kathy Clawson and Chris Bowerman Saving Cultural Heritage with Digital Make-Believe: Machine Learning and Digital Techniques to the Rescue
16.55 Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany, Annika Hinze and Yuchen Du Exploring Orientation Cues in BoDigital and Physical Books
17.15 Daniel Fitton and Chigbo Onyinyechukwu Exploring Enforced Collaborative Agreement in Gaming with Young People
17.35 Oussama Metatla Uncovering Challenges and Opportunities for Including Visually-Impaired and Blind Children in Mainstream Schools


18.30-late Fish & Chips at the Software Centre

Postcode: SR1 1PB

Fish & Chips at the Software Centre, sponsored by the Digital Catapult and Sunderland Software City

at the Software Centre, Tavistock Place, Sunderland.